Hello world!

I founded my personal business website, bigprof.com in 2002. I began by selling a RAD (rapid application development) tool, AppGini. It quickly grew and is now used by tens of thousands of users worldwide. I decided to take a further step and convert it from a desktop application that runs under Windows OS, to the more natural approach of making it available as a web service (SaaS app, for those of you who love acronyms!) … And while building that app, I thought of branching another app, SaaSBase, which represents a framework for SaaS applications. This blog is a discussion of my coding experiments, thoughts and ideas. I welcome your feedback.

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi buddy,
    Thank God you are there! With Appgini you are taking the joys of us non coders to heights that were only limited to dreams. I was looking for an app like Appgini for years only to accidentally bump into it tonight; just a few minutes before, and I am already enthralled! I am yet to play with it but will keep you posted about the great service that you have done to the community.

  2. I love Appgini, but more than once I’ve been on the road and found myself wishing I had access to my office system. With so many locations blocking remote access ports and sites, having Appgini via SaaS would be a godsend. Whatever happened to this idea?

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